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Game Details

Release name : Sunshine Shuffle v1.0.1

Size : 216.9 MB


Title : Sunshine Shuffle

Genre : Casual

Developer : Strange Scaffold

Publisher : Strange Scaffold

Store: click here

Release Date : 24 May, 2023





About This Game :

Sunshine Shuffle
is a narrative poker adventure featuring talking animals with criminal pasts and adorable outfits! Play Texas Hold ‘Em with the remaining members of the
‘Morning Shift’
, a group of working-class creatures turned would-be Robin Hoods who crossed the Fishie Mob, and mostly lived to tell the tale. Unravel the story of how the largest bank on the Eastern Seaboard was robbed in a single afternoon as you play. Win hands to earn tokens and decorate the S.S. Sunshine with new light fixtures, chairs, card decks, and more. And try to boogie to the game’s vibrant, wiggle-inducing original ska soundtrack as you stare into the cold eyes of a 12 year-old kitten with nothing left to lose.



  • A fusion of poker and narrative adventure, with a story that unfolds as you play!
  • Deep neo-noir story told with style, care, and the pain of hindsight.
  • Unlockable conversations that further reveal the story of the Morning Shift, and their lives before and after forming the infamous heist crew.
  • Rewards for careful strategy that let you decorate the S.S. Sunshine your way; with plastic skeletons and fish bowls and a dice-themed carpet; as the universe intended.
  • Original ska soundtrack from acclaimed musicians Skatune Network and RJ Lake!
  • A seadog with an eyepatch named Fidelius.


System Requirements for Sunshine Shuffle Download Free


OS: Windows 8

Processor: @ 2 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2000

Storage: 2 GB available space

Sound Card: Please.


How To Install Sunshine Shuffle Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Sunshine Shuffle Download Free

Download Sunshine Shuffle v1.0.1 Direct Link


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