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Game Details

Release name : Pixelot-GOG

Size : 209.13 MB


Title : Pixelot

Genre : Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Developer : Kyle Berger

Publisher : Kyle Berger

Store: click here

Release Date : 31 Mar, 2021





About This Game :

Defeat monsters, collect heroes, and solve puzzles in Pixelot, the single player turn based RPG that combines the combat of classic role playing games, the team building of monster collecting games, and the dungeons of adventure games.
– The turn based combat system in Pixelot is very familiar with most players, but adds features such as combo skills, damage over time effects, stat upgrades, and a cooldown system for your most powerful skills.
– Pixelot has a very easy to understand gearing and upgrading system that allows players to customize their characters and what items they want to invest in. Because of the number of playable classes available in the game, players each have their own unique team and experience in Pixelot.
– The game also features dungeons with sliding ice puzzles, mine cart riddles, and more.
– Pixelot is designed to be a game that is really easy to pick up and play whenever and where ever with features like auto save, party healing after each fight, and a quest log to remind you where you left off.
Pixelot is truly a love letter to classic rpgs, and the greatness that was the 90’s and 2000’s eras.
The story in Pixelot follows your custom character that is pulled into this world by the mysterious figure Astrum. After years of peace since the dark lord was sealed away by the 6 elemental crystals, his touch on the world is growing stronger each day. The player must venture out into this unknown world, making many allies, protecting villages from wolves and monsters, overthrowing corrupt leaders, and passing many trials of strength, patience and virtue.


Build your army

  • Make the story your own by Creating a custom character from 6 classes
  • 30+ unique recruitable characters and classes
  • Promote your characters to new classes at level 60


Save the world

  • Collect the 6 elemental crystals
  • 15 dungeons to explore
  • 500+ items, 250+ maps, and 200+ chests to collect


Continue the journey

  • Infinite tower dungeon with 50 unique floors
  • 14 Boss challenge mode
  • Collect all 6 legendary weapons
  • Post-game labyrinth dungeon

Music is developed by Kairi Sawler, Aaron Krogh, Nashlaga, Karstenholymoly, and Stefan Kartenberg. Please check the wiki to learn more about them.


System Requirements for Pixelot Download Free


OS: Vista

Processor: x32 266 MHz processor

Memory: 128 MB RAM

Storage: 95 MB available space


How To Install Pixelot Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Install The Game.
4. Play!.


Download Pixelot Download Free

Download Pixelot-GOG Direct Link


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