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Game Details

Release name : Nova Drift Build 11116810

Size : 360.38 MB


Title : Nova Drift

Genre : Action, Indie, Early Access

Developer : Chimeric

Publisher : Pixeljam

Store: click here

Release Date : 27 Mar, 2019





About This Game :


Nova Drift
is a ‘rogue-lite’ space shooter that melds a classic arcade experience with modern action-RPG elements like theory-crafting and deep player choice. Your ship rapidly evolves as you defeat enemies, allowing you to shape its abilities and weaponry to your desires in a matter of minutes. Unlike many ARPGs which can absorb hundreds of hours of time, Nova Drift allows you to take a ship build from inception to execution in a single game session.



  • Create a unique build every run. Games are quick, allowing for rapid experimentation, iteration, and advancement.
  • Cunning and creativity are rewarded as you chain upgrade modules for powerful synergies, reminiscent of deck-building games.
  • Access over 200 modular upgrades as you progress and expand your arsenal.
  • Build to play how you want. Snipe, command a drone army, discharge your shields, charge up, burn enemies with your thrusters, or smash right through them… there’s a way to make it work.
  • Unlock various challenge modes, providing greater risk and rewards. The stakes are high, as death is permanent!
  • Every game is randomly generated, keeping the fight intense and unpredictable. Fight through the campaign or play endlessly


Nova Drift is a living game. Frequent updates will continue to expand the depth and content of the game world.

Upcoming Updates:

  • Full Campaign Mode


Ship Evolutions

Mods & Gear can be unlocked, upgraded and combined to make unexpected and powerful combinations:


Example Build #1: Seeking Cluster Grenade

Grenade + Body: Assault + High Explosive + Splinter Shot + Heat Seeking + Charged Shot
This build focuses on creating as many grenade splinters as possible using the
weapon and sends them tearing toward targets using the
Heat Seeking
mod. The overlapping blasts from the initial explosion add up to a huge amount of damage at the epicenter, while the seeking clusters handle crowd control.


Example Build #2: Celestial Shield-Bomber

Hullbreaker + Amp Shield + Volatile Shields + Flash Shielding + Emergency Systems + Celestial Lance
This build takes advantage of the
speed and resilience to crash damage to slam directly into enemies. The fragile
Amp Shield
is used not for defense, but to augment Hullbreaker’s strongest aspects, gaining increased speed and force. The shield will break on impact, but we can capitalize on that using the
Volatile Shields
mod, which detonates the shield when it goes down, blasting all nearby enemies.
Flash Shielding
gets it running again quickly while
Emergency Systems
grant a moment of damage immunity, making charge attacks safer. Finally,
Celestial Lance
is used to deal burning damage to everything around the ship at high velocities!
Nova Drift is developed by Jeffrey Nielson of
, a mostly 1-man development team, featuring music and audio by Miles Tilmann of


System Requirements for Nova Drift Download Free


OS: Windows 7 or higher

Processor: 2 Ghz CPU

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent, Integrated cards also work

Storage: 500 MB available space


How To Install Nova Drift Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Nova Drift Download Free

Download Nova Drift Build 11116810 Direct Link


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