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Game Details

Release name : Buggos Build 10328206

Size : 72.49 MB


Title : Buggos

Genre : Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Developer : Intrepid Marmot

Publisher : Intrepid Marmot

Store: click here

Release Date : 17 Mar, 2022





About This Game :


Buggos is an RTS Auto Battler where you evolve your army into the perfect bug fighting force. You control a young hive mind bent on world domination, and your swarm will mostly listen to your every beck and call. Guide your swarm’s evolutionary path and breed your best bugs for world domination!
The humans who occupy the planet will try their best to stop you, and they too will gain new technology and grow stronger. However, they are no much for your evolutionary strengths and willingness to send wave after wave of Buggos to their death, and take what’s yours.



Evolve stronger legs for your Swarmers, thicker armor for your Warriors, or even better brains for your Builder Bugs so they will listen to your commands! With over
evolutions to choose from, you can truly customize your swarm!



Life as a murder loving bug hive mind is tough, especially when your parental figure won’t let you conquer your own planet. Not to worry though, as you escape from the clutches of your over baring life giver and reach out on your own to take a planet for yourself. Unfortunately, there are dirty disgusting humans infesting the fresh ball of dirt you land on, and they will have to be dealt with!



Work your way through the nine-part campaign while gaining evolution points to slowly take over the human home world! Buggos is a low stakes strategy, no micro required, meant to be played while leaning back in your chair kind of game. That does not take away from the strategy required to assemble, evolve, and manage a Buggo swarm.
Over 54 missions of increasing difficulty through 9 different areas
As you work your way deeper into the humans resistance, they will get stronger and more aggressive, trying desperately to defend their homeland. They will bring their best forces to bare against you, and it’s your job to stomp out all life and take their world for your own.
Wave Survival Mode
Survival mode lets you try to last as long as possible against the humans relentlessly assault. They will throw wave after wave of forces against you while you gain an evolution point from each wave. Can you effectively evolve your swarm to withstand the pressure!
Level Editor
The In-game Level Editor allows you to sandboxing and create your own maps. Share them with the community through the steam workshop!


Join the discord if you have any questions or feedback for the developer



System Requirements for Buggos Download Free


OS: Windows 10

Processor: Dual core 3Ghz+

Graphics: NVidia 960 or equivalent

Storage: 100 MB available space


How To Install Buggos Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Buggos Download Free

Download Buggos Build 10328206 Direct Link


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