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Game Details

Release name : Bounty Of One v0.17q

Size : 197.68 MB


Title : Bounty of One

Genre : Action, Casual, Indie, RPG, Early Access

Developer : OptizOnion

Publisher : OptizOnion

Store: click here

Release Date : 18 Aug, 2022





About This Game :

Once, you were a legend of the Western Kingdoms, but you were betrayed and fell into disgrace. Now you and your crew are outlaws. A bounty has been wrongfully placed over your head and countless hordes of bounty hunters are coming for you! Will you be able to survive? Will you be able to clear your name? Would you become a bounty of one?
Bounty Of One is a
roguelite bullet hell
mobility is key
Play solo or with your friends up to four players
on the same screen or remotely with ‘Steam Play Together’. Play with a keyboard or a gamepad.


Alone or with your crew, defeat endless waves of bounty hunters

Upgrade quickly your skills to survive ever stronger waves of enemies. Collaborate with your friends and split the loot smartly (or argue about it yek yek)!


Unleash hell on them and don’t get caught

Resist and more will come for you! But you are well prepared and you will show no mercy!


Defeat mighty bosses

Fight your way through the sheriffs and deputies serving the evil Undertaker. Find your nemesis, beat him and make him pay for your loss!


Choose wisely how to upgrade your skills

Each run is different due to randomization. Will you focus on attack speed? Damage? Or something more exotic?


Discover powerful equipment to help you in your quest

Beat the elites and bosses and get their precious loot, which can really change your game style. Some will improve your offensive skills, others the defensive one and some will do a lot of boom boom!
Already 40+ different items in the Early Access version!


Gather your whole crew and choose your hero

Try each character: they have their own playstyle with different advantages and flaws. Will you choose Serra the archer? Nigel the old sheriff? Or someone else?
There are currently 3 unlockable characters in this version of the game. More will come!


Fight your way to the top of the outlaw legends!

Be worthy enough to be part of the hall of fames and never be forgotten!


System Requirements for Bounty of One Download Free


OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable

Memory: 3 GB RAM

Storage: 500 MB available space


How To Install Bounty of One Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Bounty of One Download Free

Download Bounty Of One v0.17q Direct Link


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